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The Volgograd region Bar

The LEGION Bar was established in 2009. Today it is not just a union of lawyers who passed the exams, got the status of a lawyer and formally joined together under one roof. It is a team of like-minded persons ready to work hard to protect the interests of the Principals.

Every lawyer of our Bar is thoroughly pre-qualified because this lawyer will become a part of a single mechanism in the future. The lawyer performs the rules and order, follow the traditions and corporate basis. Almost all our lawyers have graduated of intuitions of higher professional education and got diplomas with honours. Many of us have a scientific degree and combine a legal practice with teaching at institutions of higher education and the Chamber advanced training courses.

Every lawyer works out the favorite branch of law or sphere individually. However, the lawyer can always make decisions together with the colleagues-specialists. Moreover, when we provide complicated legal services or handle a difficult legal matter which requires knowledge and skills in several branches of law we involve all our lawyers working in the Bar. It means that when you make an agreement with one of our lawyers, in actual fact, you get services from a dozen of lawyers.

We are always glad to help you and concentrate on the goal and result instead of calculating the hours spent on providing services for our Principals.